Welcome to the GodStuff website. We are a charity devoted to enabling the teaching of God's word with an emphasis on youth work. We are involved in holidays for young people. We also provide a wide range of christian resources: youth group resources, and sketches, among other things. if you see anything you like, just go to the Contact page and send us a message.

What's Bob up to?

I have been retired nearly a year. Looking forward to a light Christmas.

I am currently working on the outline for the Godstuff Summer Placement Pilot for summer 2017.

If anyone out there can use my services as a preacher or trainer I am available after August 2017. I can also find some availability before July.

I am working on an expansion of a workshop on introducing church for the unchurched which will include an great session on jargon.

If anyone wants a series of talks on conflict in the book of Acts I would love to work on that.

From Bob to Church Leaders


I am resigning from parish responsibilities at the end of December this year. I hope to have a light month or four in early 2016. After that I am willing to take a break from wildlife gardening (watching weeds grow - see pictures) if opportunities for ministry of the Word happen.