Tuesday 31st July

Today we started we a slow morning, sleeping in late as the lack of sleep from the flight hit us.

We spent the day sorting finances an shopping for equipment. With changing exchange rates, budget issues and lots of things to buy etc it has not been without frustrations. I have not found it easy, feeling like everyone wants a piece of me, but we got there slowly and it got better by the end of the day, thanks to answered prayers.

Pete has been keeping accounts, which have taken a long time, but it is a huge blessing to have it off my hands . We also started buying craft materials. Specialist shops are not like in England, you don't just wonder round the shelves and pick, you have a kiosk type affair asking to see their ranges and negotiating prices, which are not fixed. It takes longer, much longer, but you can get more bargains. We have also bought tshirts for the campers to decorate and we have almost bought all the shoes.

Prayer requests

We need to get all our shopping list for Nairbi tomorrow, so efficiency and traffic in our favour would be a blessing.

I am running the training on Thursday, a new thing for me. Prayer for wisdom and communication across cultures would be great.

Continuing meetings to ensure we are all on the same page for the camp. It is going well but there is still lots to discuss.

Financial wisdom.