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West Hill Park Youth Holiday (previously Fylingthorpe Youth Holiday)

West Hill Park Youth Holiday

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West Hill Park Youth Holiday

West Hill Park Youth Holiday is a holiday designed for young people aged 13-18 years old. You can play sport, play board games, make stuff, eat plenty of food, have serious chats about the meaning of life, have silly chats about whatever you want, make friends, laugh or just chill out. We’re a varied bunch of ordinary Christians who spend our holidays trying to give teenagers a great holiday. We tell them a bit about Jesus and what we believe, but we won’t be offended if they don’t agree.


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If you would like to financially support the work of Godstuff, our bank details are:


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If you are a UK taxpayer, boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate using our Gift Aid Declaration by clicking the giftaid button. 

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In the words of my daughter, 'The youth holiday is amazing, it's so much fun!' It's a highlight that she looks forward to each year that offers her community, friendship and connection with God and nature. A truly magical experience.


We stay in West Hill Park School, a boarding school close to the south coast near Titchfield Haven. It's a beautiful bit of the country.


The holiday is run and supported by a range of churches across the UK. We have young people from lots of different backgrounds on the holiday and you don't need to be a Christian or church goer to come along.


Young people can make the holiday their own. There are plenty of action-packed days to get involved in, but also quieter games and crafts, or you can simply hang out and chat. 

The youth holiday is a great place for you to spend time with friends and also to make new friends. There are many trips that can give you many new experiences.


(YP, age 14)

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